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Professional Drone Services, Drone Surveys and Drone Inspections

All our drone services, drone surveys and drone inspections are carried out by qualified professionals and are in line with the UK safety regulations governing the use of drones. Our pilots are both Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) registered and General VLOS (Visual Line Of Sight) Certificate (GVC) certified with £20 million Public Liability Insurance for your peace of mind.

At Networx3 UAV, we offer three core professional drone services:

Quality Work We are qualified to the highest standards
Our Service is 24/7 All our drone services available at any time
£20M Public Liability Insurance For your peace of mind

Why Choose Us?

We operate to the highest standards in our industry. We have five highly qualified drone pilots on our team who are CAA and GVC qualified.

24/7 Service

We operate 24 hours a day for 7 days a week, so if you want us to provide you with our drone inspection services at a time that is right and convenient for your operations, then no problem!

Networx3 UAV are unique in the UK in having our own purpose-built and specified vehicle to take to drone inspection assignments. Importantly, our customers can be with us to direct the flight of the drone to get the exact images needed.

For a demonstration of our vehicle and drones – click here

When conducting a drone survey or inspection there may be a need to climb into small, hazardous spaces or scale tall structures. In these situations an individual will be using both hands to steady themselves or hold onto a ladder, which makes recording the results challenging.

With our drones onboard recording devices we remove these problems and potential errors whilst providing you with a detailed recording for your records.

In more extreme surveying situations there might be locations a human cannot reach and take a picture of any suspected issue. It’s in these situations that our drone surveys really make a difference by ensuring the entire structure is assessed with no issues, damage or concerning problems being missed.

For more information about any of our drone services, drone surveys or drone inspections please call us on 01254 888361.

Want to know more about our services and how we can help you?

Our Core Solutions

Solar Panel Inspection

In any large or elevated installation, an inspection is carried out quickly and accurately.

Wind Turbine Inspection

Negate the need for human intervention; drones are the perfect solution.

Motorway Inspection

Ideal for roadworks - easily check traffic flows and work completed.

Confined Space Inspection

Interior building inspections done quickly, safely and relatively inexpensively.

What Our Customers Are Saying

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