Drone Surveys

As a drone surveying company, we at Networx3 see first-hand how drone surveys are enabling us to complete tasks faster, safer, cheaper and with a greater degree of accuracy.

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Drone Surveying can be done in a wide variety of situations, from small buildings to skyscrapers, fields to industrial estates, ships to windmills. Surveyors have to work  all manner of environments, many of which are hard to reach and dangerous to access.

Each environment brings different challenges. It could be specialist equipment to deal with extreme heights, safety tools for hazardous environments or simply the size of the area to be surveyed. Our survey drones provide a cost effective and safer alternative to traditional methods alone.

Main advantages of using a drone for surveying:

  • Highly professional in our approach providing cost effective solutions
  • We can often save our customers significant amounts of time and money with our services
  • The use of drones can make previously dangerous inspections, far more safe

Our drones lend themselves excellently to these tasks; being able to mitigate most of these issues in one go due to their manoeuvrability and size. While they don’t remove the human element, they do keep the people involved safer by preventing the need for them to get to more difficult or hazardous areas.

To safely use our drones, all our pilots are highly experienced being both Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) registered and Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) qualified. We also insist on using the correct tool for the job so have multiple drones for use across our core areas of operation: Confined Space Inspection, Wind Turbine Inspection, Solar Panel Inspection, Motorway & Highway Inspection, Building Surveys, Roof & Structure Surveys and Sports Event Filming.

For more information about how we can help you with your future inspections, please call us on 01254 888361.

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