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Feb 20, 2021

According to an article in the publication New Civil Engineer, (click here to view), changes to the use of Drones regulations on December 31st 2020 could mean that amateur and unqualified drone operators could enter the expanding drone inspection and surveying market, quoting ‘bargain-basement rates’ for their work.

The reason for this is that in the new regulations there is no longer any distinction whatsoever between commercial and recreational flying. The new law states that any pilot using a drone weighing over 250grammes needs to complete the CAA’s official drone theory test in order to receive a digital flyer ID. This does streamline legislation, but drones are now classed as low, medium or high risk largely dependent on their size and capabilities, and with most drones being in the low-risk category, it opens up the commercial market to much smaller, potentially amateur operatives.

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