Drone Use in the Chemicals Industry

Sep 2, 2021

The Elios2 drone is purpose bult for internal inspection work, and at Networx3UAV, we have found it to be an invaluable inspection tool for many different situations and scenarios.

For the chemical industry in particular, it is ideal for inspecting assets such as:

Pipe racks, Heat exchangers, Conduits, Fermenter tanks, Pressure vessels, Storage tanks, Storage silos, and Suction Ducts.


In a traditional scenario, an inspector would have to physically enter these assets, using a camera and torch to inspect with the naked eye. Alternatively, for larger structures, scaffolding would need to be erected or rope access provided to satisfy the often stringent requirements of an inspection.

Needless to say, in many of these situations, the safety of inspector is a serious concern.

Improved safety is one of several benefits to the chemical industry of using the Elios2 for inspections. Others are:

Cost Savings

An Elios2 does not need the planning, preparation, assembly, dismantling and downtime of scaffolding as part of an inspection process. The use of scaffolding can run into tens of thousands of pounds in terms of downtime and labour for putting it together and taking it down. The cost of additional equipment such as cherry pickers, is also negated.


An Elios2 can safety access tight, confined spaces and collect accurate visual data reflecting the conditions there. In fact, that’s exactly what indoor drones were designed to do. As it surrounded by a protective cage it can bump into objects and surfaces and be perfectly functional.

Smaller pipes and ducts can be easily explored and checked for the integrity of their material construction.

High Quality Visual Data

The Elios2 UAV provides very high quality visual data with 4K video which allows it to capture minute details of the assets that it is inspecting. It is also a very stable drone with unique lighting that enables it to maximise the cameras technical capabilities and improving the quality of visual data collected.

This data provides the information needed by the engineering, operations or safety department of a chemical company which can then be used as part of a maintenance programme for any asset.

Increased Frequency of Inspections

Because the Elios2 is easy to deploy and undertake relatively rapid and hassle-free inspections in hard to access places, they can be used more frequently, perhaps for a quick spot check, for example. The capability of being able to check the condition of an asset more frequently can only improve maintenance procedures and potentially prolong the useable life of an asset. It certainly reduces the likelihood of asset failure.

In addition, at Networx3UAV, we are unique in the UK in having our own purpose-built and specified vehicle to take to drone inspection assignments. The benefit of this is that you can be with us to direct the flight of the drone to get the exact images you need – the drone controls are effectively in your hands.

For more information about using our Elios2 UAV for internal inspections, please call us on 01254 888361.

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