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The Elios 2 Drone

The Elios 2 is a new, cutting edge drone, made specifically for confined space inspections, and a significant investment for Networx3 UAV.

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It is made primarily for indoor inspections and confined spaces. The Elios 2 comes into its own when inspections have to be undertaken on the internal fabric of structures, buildings and pipelines, for example.

Traditionally, this type of Health and Safety inspection work has required significant human intervention, and a lot of preparatory work which might involve the use of scaffolding for high and difficult-to-reach locations. 

Typical uses of this drone are:

  • Ideal for internal confined space inspections at height, where scaffolding might be used
  • Perfect for the surveying of pipework and vessels with difficult access for humans
  • The underside of roofs and roof spaces are easily accessed with the Elios 2

Using the Elios 2, the difficult indoor scenarios provides a highly cost-effective and safe inspection solution and gives the same high- quality results as a human visual inspection.

The Elios 2 has a thermal and a 4K camera and has a 0.18 mm per pixel resolution which enables the tinniest of cracks, pitting and fissures to be spotted in the fabric of buildings, vessels and pipes.

It has the most powerful lighting system on any commercial drone with 10,000 lumens which can cut easily through dust. It has angled lighting too which is ideal for inspecting the surface of any structure or pipeline. It is also a highly robust camera with a protective external ‘cage’ structure.

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