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Aerial Surveying

Networx3 UAV are an expert aerial surveying and inspection company using the best drones in the market to complete surveying work faster, safer, cheaper and with a greater degree of accuracy.

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Traditional and established methods of surveying often involve considerable human resources with all the health and safety issues and costs that are inevitable.

Aerial surveying can be undertaken in a broad variety of scenarios and applications, from small buildings to skyscrapers, fields to industrial estates, powerlines to wind turbines. We have to work in all manner of environments, many of which are hard to reach and some, dangerous to access.

Each environment and situation bring with it a new challenge. We are used to replace human operatives and specialist equipment when extreme heights are involved, and drones are perfect for surveying hazardous environments. It could be that the size of area to be surveyed is so large that only an aerial survey would be cost effective. There are huge benefits associated with aerial surveying which industries of all types are starting to appreciate.

Main advantages of aerial surveying using a drone:

  • Costs of planning and preparation time are reduced considerably
  • Surveys and inspections can be undertaken far more safely without compromising accuracy
  • Elevated positions and areas are easily surveyed by a drone

Our drones lend themselves really well to these tasks; being able to mitigate most of these issues in one go, due to their manoeuverability and size.

While they don’t remove the human element, they do keep operatives safer by preventing the need for them to get to more difficult or hazardous areas. 

To safely use our drones, all our pilots are highly experienced being both Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) registered and GVC certified. We also insist on using the correct tool for the job so have multiple drones for use across our core areas of operation: Confined Space Inspection, Wind Turbine Inspection, Solar Panel Inspection, Motorway & Highway Inspection, Building Surveys, Roof & Structure Surveys and Sports Event Filming.

For more information about how we can help you with your future inspections, please call us on 01254 888361.

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