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Live Drone Video Streaming Service

Networx3 UAV can now offer a live, real-time video streaming tool that can deliver video from our DJI Matrice drone, via the Cloud, to a web browser with highly secure encryption. This live streaming can be done to anywhere in the world. Instant real-time information and intelligence is available at your fingertips.  

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Telemetry is also delivered to the server and viewer, allowing accurate mapping data to be viewed in real time. Our equipment is highly robust as it is built to military specifications and is fully waterproof. It is also very compact and easily portable. It is also unique as it resolves the challenge of poor coverage from one operator with its use of a 4-SIM bonded mobile internet router which allows the best possible signal and expands coverage.

This gives Networx3 UAV the capability of being able to live stream video footage from a drone to anywhere in the world for up to fifty connections. It has many potential uses in a number of organisations such as the police, fire and ambulance services, military and security services, and inspection and search services. One of the main features is that the video feed provided can be viewed anywhere in the world, and by individuals, or teams who might have a particular subject expertise and can provide an expert analysis of what is being surveyed.

Main advantages of Live Drone Video Streaming:

  • Highly secure live drone video streaming
  • Hugely beneficial to team collaboration and communication
  • The live steam can be viewed anywhere in the world

Senior members of a team or organisational managers can view the information at the same time as everyone, thereby providing the benefits of enabling accurate communication, collaboration and better decision making. It is perfect for an international organisation or where international input is required.

As well as being used in a normal free flight mode, our live-streaming drone video service can be used in conjunction with our tethered drone service where a limited geographical area can be surveyed continually for up to forty-eight hours without interruption.

For more information about our drone video streaming service, please call us on 01254 888361 or fill in our contact form.

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