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Motorway and Highway Drone Inspection

Drones are increasingly being used for Motorway and Highway inspections. The purpose behind their use is to improve the management of our major roads, particularly where roadworks are taking place. 

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Networx3 UAV can monitor the progress of the works in 3D quality over a wide area, which reduces the number of lane closures that are required.

As a planning tool it is ideal, as footage that we have downloaded will reveal progress on gantries and foundations, for example. This information can then be used when taking decisions on when closures need to be put in place and in planning future work.

The use of drones for motorways and highways inspection really helps in improving safety too, particularly in being able to see the progress of a scheme and how Health and Safety measures are being implemented.

Main advantages of using a drone for motorway and highway inspections:

  • Drones improve the management motorways – particularly roadworks
  • From height, drones can get a broad but rapid overview of problems on a motorway
  • Will provide rapid feedback on progress of works, allowing more accurate planning

We have several drones at Networx3 UAV, all have particular uses for particular circumstances, but for work on motorways and highways, we would use our DJI Matrice 210 V2 RTK which is a highly stable drone that provides brilliantly accurate and revealing images even over distance.

For more information about our motorway and highway drone inspection service, please call us on 01254 888361 and we will be happy to help.

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