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Phone Mast Drone Inspections

A highly accurate and detailed phone mast drone inspection can be achieved without the numerous health and safety risks that are associated with the human inspection of a tall structure.

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Visual inspections of the condition of structures such as mobile phone towers and telecoms towers are vital. They inevitably deteriorate over time, and this deterioration needs to be assessed with remedial maintenance work undertaken to prolong the serviceability of the structure.

The use of a drone for this work is ideal, and Networx3 have the Matrice 210 RTK which is perfect for detailed filming, and it provides ultra-accurate 3D positioning. So, it maintains stability really well, meaning you can get close to the phone mast, getting the detail, without the worry of drift.

Main advantages of using a drone for phone mast inspections:

  • Significant savings in cost and time are created
  • Considerably safer than current methods of phone mast inspection
  • We can provide the exact footage and images the client requires

With Networx3 YAV we have our own ‘Mobile Command centre’ and the customer is able to tell the drone pilot to fly the drone to any particular location on the tower. It’s the customer who directs the drone wherever they would wish. This can be viewed in live ‘real’ time whilst the flight is being undertaken. This allows for a ‘right first- time’ approach.

Using Networx3 UAV for phone mast or mobile phone tower inspections represents a saving in time and money, because the work can be done far more quickly than with human intervention, particularly with all the Health and Safety preparation and planning that is required. Just as importantly health and safety risks are almost eliminated.

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