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Structure and Roof Drone Surveys

Our roof drone surveys and structure drone surveys are designed for roofing contractors requiring a more cost-effective, faster and safer solution ( using UAV's) to traditional methods of using scaffolding or cherry pickers.

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Ideal for inspecting suspected damage on roofs, chimneys, towers, spires, bridges or any other hard to reach location. Our drones dramatically reduce the time required to complete a survey and ensure an entire structure can be assessed, something that’s not always possible for a human to do. As there’s also no need for anyone to leave the ground, drones make a project much safer.

One of our experienced pilots can typically capture thousands of images in just a couple of hours. This delivers the added benefit of reduced disturbance at the property and in some cases, can mean it stays open for continuous working operations or public use. For businesses this means less downtime where your staff cannot work or customers cannot purchase your products and services. All in all Roof Drone Surveys provide a very economical and convenient option.

Main advantages of using a drone for roof and structure surveys:

  • Surveying at height is easily done by a drone with limited preparation
  • Significant savings in time required for project planning and preparation
  • Roof Drone Surveys are far more cost-effective solution than traditional methods

All three of these factors, reduced time, reduced disturbance and reduced safety concerns, are what help us deliver a significant cost saving when surveying these challenging locations.

The cheaper cost doesn’t mean lower quality, however. Our drones allow us to remotely inspect a range of hard to reach areas providing you with detailed high-resolution images and 4K video. 

Our drones are also equipped with zoom lenses for particularly difficult to reach places, meaning we can cover all angles whatever the structure.

If you require any information about roof or structural drone surveys, please call us on 01254 888361 and we'll be happy to help.

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