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Sports event drone filming

From filming sports competitions to all-day events, we are ready to capture the energy and excitement of your event with our sports event drone filming services. We also cover festival and concert filming.

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Angles and views that have historically only been accessible to professional sports teams are now available to all with our drone services.  Piloted by our Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) registered and GVC certified team, our drones provide unique aerial coverage that is unavailable from the sidelines. 

In addition to the angles they can capture, drones have the flexibility to go anywhere, provided they don’t interfere with the sport. For more extreme sports like white water rafting, mounting biking and snowboarding, our drones are able to capture far more dynamic shots than a static camera on flat ground can ever hope to achieve.

Main advantages of using a drone for event filming:

  • Aerial photography can cover a greater area and greater coverage
  • Far more cost effective than the use of helicopters
  • Moving action shots captured more easily than a static camera

Our drone sporting event services are not just for commercial use however. They are also used for coaches and athletes to further analyze their performance. This unique ability to be able to look at a practice session from an overhead view is giving many coaches a huge advantage.

Sporting event security is another application many stadiums and sporting associations use our drones for. From monitoring crowds for trouble and checking the grounds for potential terrorist threats, to structural inspections before and after a game to ensure there are no problems.

For more information about how we can help you add a new dimension to your next sporting event, please call us on 01254 888361.

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