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Tethered Drone Survey

Networx3 UAV can now offer a tethered drone surveying service alongside its other numerous surveying and inspection services. We operate our tethered drone survey using our Sky Mantis Drone which has outstanding stability and can operate in very difficult weather conditions including wind and rain.

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The drone is tethered to the base unit with a flexible cable which feeds power to the drone allowing it to remain in flight for up to 48 hours continuously. The cable also provides for communication and data exchange between the two.

The system has “hot drop” capability, and the power/communication cable can be dropped whilst in flight and at altitude, after which Sky Mantis can fly for another 30 minutes. This is useful if there is an immediate requirement for a moving vehicle to be tracked, for example.

Tethered drone surveillance is useful in situations where there is only a limited operating area to be overseen, and flight endurance is required for persistent surveillance. Typical applications include ‘Blue light’ organisations (particularly the Police), Military and Security services (for intelligence and reconnaissance), disaster response, event management, and at shipping ports to monitor people and cargo movements. Data transmitted through the drone tether is more secure than wireless signals as it is less susceptible to interference.

Main advantages of a Tethered Drone survey:

  • Up to 48 hours flight time for persistent surveillance
  • Can be deployed in poor weather conditions
  • Hot drop capability can free the drone for normal flight

When used for tethered surveillance, our Sky Mantis can be fitted with various payloads depending on the job requirement.

All of Networx3’s drone pilots are qualified to the highest standards in the industry - the GVC (General Visual Line Of Sight) Certificate - and are highly experienced. The Sky Mantis drone, that we use for a lot of work outside, can operate in very difficult conditions, so wind and rain would not stop the progress of surveillance projects.

For more information about our tethered drone surveys, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01254 888361.  

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