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UAV Radiation Surveying

Networx3 UAV can offer indoor remote radiation surveying and sensing using the Elios2 drone. With a particular focus on nuclear power stations, the Elios 2, equipped with an energy Geiger-Muller detector, can detect radiation while in flight via the piloting app. 

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Nuclear radiation can now be safely measured and mapped in a nuclear power station from a safe and non-contaminated area.

This goes some way to solving an on-going and important preoccupation in a nuclear plant: Where and how much radiation might be present in the nuclear installation?

Minimising radiation exposure to individual workers is vital in any nuclear plant and specific personnel are employed to ensure that exposure to radiation is kept to levels that are as low as reasonably achievable.

And yet equipment, plant, structures, and machinery still need to be maintained, surveyed and inspected, and this is where the Elios2 comes into its own.  

Main advantages of using a drone for UAV Radiation Surveying:

  • Significantly reduces exposure to radiation
  • Saves time and money in planning and preparation time
  • Clear and accurate inspections completed in very difficult conditions

The UAV simply takes the place of personnel - where possible - for visual and radiation data collection.

There is no exposure to radiation and there is no need for scaffolding or other equipment to assist in the inspection process. The inspection process is quicker, less costly, and yet provides the quality data needed for the planning of interventions such as repairs. The Elios2 is also ideal for confined space inspections in nuclear plants too, and it remains reliable and functional even if it were exposed to quite high levels of radiation.

Already widely used in the US and in parts of Europe, the benefits of using the Elios2 for surveying and inspection in nuclear plants are numerous and at Networx3 we are happy to discuss your requirement for UAV radiation surveying.

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