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Waypoint GPS Drone Mapping

At Networx3 UAV, professional Waypoint GPS mapping is available using specialist software that has been developed for that specific task.

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A waypoint is simply a reference point in physical space. In the past it was point on a map that we would have marked with a pen. With the waypoint mapping software, these points are stored electronically. Once those points are stored, the drone can return back to the starting point of a survey at any time, and from whatever distance.

Waypoint software is highly sophisticated and a number of waypoints can be programmed in.

The combination of the drone and the Waypoint software provide:

  • A highly accurate map of a feature or structure
  • The map can be in 2D or 3D
  • Waypoint co-ordinates are stored, and the exact flight can be frequently revisited

What are the uses of Waypoint GPS Drone Mapping?

With waypoint GPS mapping any site can be surveyed at the correct locations, and the drone can go back to that exact location repeatedly, so that changes at a site over time can be monitored, for example. As the drone is flying to each specified waypoint, the pilot can concentrate on taking photographs or video footage. Site surveys that benefit from waypoint mapping include the railway and road network, particularly from the perspective of maintenance, dams and reservoirs, buildings and construction, and archaeological and environmental surveys. They are also being used by the insurance industry to inspect damage to buildings.

The resultant footage can be also be created and viewed in 2D or 3D, if required too.

Our team of expert pilots at Networx3 are qualified to the highest industry levels, as we are Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) registered and GVC certified. We have £20 million Public Liability Insurance for our customer’s peace of mind.

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