Try drones for free with Networx3

Feb 8, 2021

Networx3 UAV is offering North West construction and property firms the chance to try out its cutting edge drone technology – for free.


The Lancashire-based drone inspection company is showcasing its fleet of five state-of-the-art drones with developers, building contractors, surveyors and commercial landlords.

Networx3 UAV have used their fleet to keep construction sites safe by enforcing social distancing from the air, record the progress of a build and conduct site inspections.

By taking high-resolution photographs and HD video the drones can also survey and measure stockpiles of materials such as sand and gravel – from the first concrete being poured to the last brick being laid.

Networx3 UAV managing director Ian Ashworth said: “Drones are a secret weapon for the construction and property sector. They can radically cut costs, keep people out of harms way and reduce the amount of time taken to do crucial but routine jobs.

“Our drones can inspect a warehouse roof, take HD-quality footage of a building plot and take investors all over the world on a real-time tour of a development site. They can act as an eye in the sky for contractors, developers and landlords who want to give their business the competitive edge.

“There’s so much confusion and lack of understanding about the immense capabilities and usefulness of drones that we’re prepared to put our money where our mouth is and fly our drones for free so businesses across the North West can see what they can do for them.”

Networx3 UAV is keen to hear from North West businesses that have a specific project where drone technology could prove a game changer.

One of the company’s five qualified commercial drone pilots will work with the client to identify where drones could make an impact and schedule a site visit.

North West construction and property firms keen to take part should contact Ian at

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