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Confined Space Drone Inspection

In providing confined space drone inspections, we at Networx3 UAV, can save you time and money on traditional methods of visually inspecting industrial plant and vessels

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Traditionally, the visual inspection of confined spaces has required the use of scaffolding, cranes, and appropriate additional safety equipment to ensure that inspections are undertaken safely and with as little hazard to the operatives as possible. As well as having to provide equipment for visual inspections, the time required to put the equipment together, often in space- restricted situations, is costly in both time and financially.

Using a drone in these scenarios overcomes many of these issues, and yet can provide the same quality results as a human visual inspection.

Main advantages of using a drone for confined space inspections:

  • Drone operatives work outside potentially dangerous and confined spaces that require inspection
  • Operatives won’t have the risk of working at height
  • Costs associated with traditional preparation time are avoided
  • Costs associated with asset downtime are reduced

This video shows the Elios 2 being used to inspect a new Lift Shaft in a building which is the type of confined space that it is perfect for.


All our pilots are highly skilled and can handle all of the hazards that are presented by a confined space drone inspection.

Equally, the correct equipment is important, and we use the Elios 2 drone for all confined space work. It is state-of-the art kit with a 4K camera, a thermal imaging camera and a lighting system that can highlight minor fissures, issues and faults in metalwork just as well as the naked eye. With its protective ‘cage’ it is also highly collision tolerant and ideal for inspections where space is a premium.

For more information about how we can help you with your confined space inspections, please call us now on 01254 888361

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