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Drone Building Surveys

Every organisation is unique and that’s why your drone building survey solution should be too. With our industry expertise, we deliver significant time savings, increased safety and all at a reduced cost.

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In the past, undertaking a building survey on commercial, industrial or residential properties presented a number of safety challenges. These challenges had to be assessed and addressed before any work could be carried out. Our drones are a perfect alternative for this type of work as many of these safety concerns no longer apply when a machine is conducting the survey.

Issues such as confined spaces, unsafe materials like asbestos and damage from time, weather and the elements are all negated through the use of our drones.

Main advantages of using a drone for building surveys:

  • Costs of planning and preparation time are reduced considerably
  • Surveys and inspections can be undertaken far more safely without compromising accuracy
  • Elevated positions and areas are easily surveyed by a drone

When conducting a building survey, we find our DJI Matrice 210 V2 RTK  drone is best equipped for the job. With an integrated FPV camera, 7km operational range and infrared sensing system it delivers detailed recordings as well as evidence of what did and did not pass the inspection.

Set up time is reduced dramatically needing only a 2 man team and our drone to get started. There’s no need to arrange cherry pickers, scaffolds or other alternative access solutions. In some situations, this reduced setup time can also result in less disruption to the people using the building from employees to customers.

If you require a drone building survey or require further information, please call us on 01254 888361.

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