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Internal Inspection Drone Mapping

At Networx3 UAV, we can now easily map and locate defects on an internal asset or structure, as part of our internal inspection drone mapping service.

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Using new software, in conjunction with our Elios2 drone, we can survey an asset, pinpoint any physical defects and then create a 3D map showing you exactly where a defect is located within the asset with very little processing time and same day results.

Human inspection of an internal asset such as plant, pipework or a vessel, has traditionally required the use of scaffolding and cranes along with a plethora of safety equipment to ensure the well-being of inspectors and operatives. This process is both time consuming and expensive.

Main advantages of using a drone for internal inspection mapping:

  • A map showing defects with pinpoint accuracy
  • Saves time and money in planning and preparation time
  • A record of the position of defects for future use

The Elios2 drone, which specialises in internal work and confined spaces, can fly to an asset and, using the software, collect the image data needed to create a 3D map which will pinpoint the defects. This, comparatively, takes little time and is of minimal inconvenience.

This resulting map can be shown to all interested parties who can together create a plan of action to make appropriate repairs. The map will provide the precise location of any defect, giving real clarity and making the planning and execution of repairs far easier.

There are already considerable savings to both time and money to get a drone to undertake an internal inspection of an asset, but by being able to create a 3D map of the appropriate area of the asset which pinpoints the defects on it, provides a record and tangible proof to which all necessary can refer to at a later date if needed. This provision of information allows for better communication and a more effective outcome for all.

For more information about our internal inspection drone mapping service, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01254 888361.

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