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Cladding Drone Inspections

Drone inspections of building cladding have the potential of saving a lot of time and money as well as significantly reducing safety concerns.

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Since the Grenfell tower block fire, there is now a real focus on the fabric of a building, in particular the cladding that has been used for insulation purposes on tall tower blocks. In some cases, the cladding has had to be removed, and replaced by fire resistant cladding. Once replaced, it then has to be checked to ensure it meets regulations and standards.

This checking process can be done by a team abseiling down a building, but this is a highly costly and painstaking process and there are inevitable risks to the individuals in the abseiling team. Using a drone to check the cladding is exceptionally cost effective and it removes most health and safety risks. 

Main advantages of using a drone for cladding inspections:

  • Significant savings in cost and time are created
  • Considerably safer than current methods of cladding inspection
  • We can provide the exact footage and images the client requires

At Networx3 UAV, we would employ our Matrice 210 drone, which is highly stable and equipped with high definition cameras, it can easily detect any issues or problems with cladding work undertaken. It can produce a ‘map’ of the cladded area which can be recorded and reviewed after the drone filming has finished.

With Networx3 we have our own ‘Mobile Command centre’ and the customer is able to tell the drone pilot to fly the drone to any particular location in the cladding – the customer directs the drone wherever they would wish and can view this in live time whilst the flight is being undertaken. This allows for a ‘right first- time’ approach.

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